The Studio

For the first time in my life, I have my very own artist’s studio. All mine! One of the features that ‘sold’ us on our new home in Nova Scotia was this bonus room that Robert so lovingly turned into a studio for me. He built a wall-length work bench with loads of shelf space and installed two skylights in the north facing wall. I’m a happy girl! And look! I’ve finished my first painting in my new space!

I’m still looking for a big comfy armchair for the corner to curl up and read in, and think, and write. The picture doesn’t show it, but both my guitars are up there, too, now, along with songsheets spread out all over the floor.

My next painting will be another that was started in BC, to be finished in NS. Once I’ve finished that, I plan to start a new project series. Which will mean a trip to the art store! Ooooohhh. And not just any art store… the NSCAD art store (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design). Good prices and LOADS of great stuff. Like Opus at Emily Carr in Vancouver.

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to test my new studio, and one of the things I’ve discovered is that having my own space, especially one that is so peacefully quiet, devoid of computers or other electronic devices, can be really grounding. Sometimes I like to just sit up there and do nothing at all but think. It is a wonderfully clarifying exercise. Twenty minutes of ‘thinking’ and my subconscious seems to put everything into perspective for me, and I come away feeling energized and ready to go!

The only ‘hurdle’ is getting up the motivation to get in the studio and do something. I’ve resolved to pick up my paintbrush and guitar at least once everyday (not at the same time of course). Even if only for 10 minutes. Naturally, there will be days that don’t allow for it, but on the days we are home, there is no excuse. Even if I only painted 10 minutes a day, that’s 10 minutes more than not doing anything at all. Do I sound like I’m trying to motivate myself? Well, I am. It’s a strange thing, getting started. Once I start, I’m okay, and an hour will fly by without my noticing it. But starting… why is that so difficult? A professor I had in University used to call it ‘finding the warrior within’. He used to tell me I had no warrior, until he got me mad enough that I whipped off a series of paintings for his one painting assignment and I ended up with an A in his class in my final year. I guess my sleepy warrior is just hard to wake up.

However, I now have all of you to be accountable to. I’ve divulged the secret of my lazy warrior, so now, rather than have you all think I’m lazy, I must get some work done. I promise to post a picture of my next painting when it’s done. I won’t put a time limit on it, as we will have a visitor for the next 10 days, and we are now working on finishing the basement. You know, the recording studio, third bathroom, and SAUNA! 🙂 (Insert happy dance here.)


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