Woven Trees

I have begun a new project! While the weather is still tolerable, I have been working on an outdoor piece I’m calling Woven Trees. I have no idea where the idea came from. It just came in the middle of doing something else one morning. It literally took me by surprise, so much so, that I’m sure the thought didn’t come from me. So I acted on it right away. I got on to Kijiji and found a lady selling a garbage bag full of yarn that she no longer had use for. I thought $20 was a darn good deal, so I paid up and drove home with a few colours of yarn, ready to start my new project. I had only¬†vague ideas of what I was going to do. With dogs in tow, I perused our property, looking for inspiration from the trees. A few options presented themselves and I finally settled on the one closest to the house so I could look out the window on less-than-favourable-weather days and contemplate the direction this project would take next.

My intention is to document the process through photography and writing. I’ve uploaded the first gallery showing the beginnings of the project on the ‘Latest Project’ page, along with the thoughts that developed in my mind as I worked outside with the trees, yarn, sun and crisp fall air. My fingers get cold pretty fast so I can only do short stints. Maybe I didn’t pick the best time of the year for this, but at least there are no mosquitos! I’m looking forward to watching the ebb and flow of Mother Nature as she awakens, grows, fades and sleeps over the coming year and how she will embrace this new addition to the garden.

Join me on this journey and lets see where it goes.


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