Winter’s Collection Unveiled

During the long, cold, winter months, I wasn’t able to get outside to work on my Woven Trees project, so I brought a few tree branches inside and began experimenting with them… often while sitting in front of my computer, watching Netflix. It kept my hands busy and my creative mind working. Now that the warm, sunny weather is here, I was able to take these woven projects outside to photograph them. Here’s a teaser photo for you. See the rest of them on the Sculptures page under the Past Works menu.

Woven Branches











I also managed to finish a new painting, entitled Circles, which is a complete departure from the type of paintings I’ve been doing. I found it quite therapeutic to dip the wrong end of my brush into the paint and create thousands of tiny dots on the canvas, while listening to new music on my iPod. I like the result. I think it’s quite interesting. What do you think?



The latest project was a quick experiment with paint chips. When we were deciding on paint colours for the house, we collected a number of paint sample swatches to match up to our cabinets and floors. I couldn’t bear to just throw them out, so I hung on to them. A couple of years later, I had this idea.

Paint Chip Flowers


I have lots of ideas and projects on the go at the moment, not the least of which is writing new songs for our new upcoming album, along with more oil paintings, weavings and a few surprises. I’ll be posting more photos when they’re done… maybe around August. Thanks for checking in!