Beautiful Junk!

Oh, I am having so much fun working on this latest project I’m calling ‘Junk Drawers’. I’ve uploaded photos of the first three of a total of sixteen (to come). Two more are currently in the works, one of which will most likely be finished tomorrow. Just have to wait for the glue to dry!

When I originally had the idea, I realized we didn’t have enough junk of our own to complete the project, having culled a great deal when we picked up and moved across the country, so we put out a call for all the bits and pieces lying around our friends various junk drawers and collection spots. I figured it would be a win-win situation… they’d get to clean out junk drawers and have more space for more junk, and I’d get a great art project out of it. Well, here are the first three… have a look and see what you think!

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